Everything you need to know about ORDERING:

We try to cover shipping costs without overcharging you. Postage starts at:

Normal P&P: £3.00
Fully Tracked : £4.50

If your order is high-value or contains heavy/bulky things, these increase slightly.
Reduced rates can be chosen if you are low-waged or unwaged.

Minimum Order is £8 + P&P

The shopping cart system is provided by RomanCart.
Your basket can be left for 1 hour before it clears itself. Sorry but we can't change that.

All seed requests are subject to our Terms and Conditions

Delivery times :
What we list on the website is in stock now.
We never take orders in advance or send them out later in the season.
We send out your order as soon as possible,
and aim to get it to you within 10 days, usually faster.

Paying by Card:
Your card will be processed by Sagepay-Opayo. It is safe - we don't ever see your card details, just a credit to our account with a list of what seeds you bought.

Sorry - No Foreign Orders

EU orders - stopped due to Brexit.

We sadly cannot ship to Europe any more.
As we have left the EU, every order would require official inspection and testing at a cost of £150 even if we were registered for it, which we are not.

No orders to USA or Other Countries outside Europe!
We're really sorry but we cannot ship anywhere outside Europe.
For all the Americans who still keep trying to order seeds by setting their country to UK, please stop. It doesn't work.
Your seeds will be not be sent because it would be illegal for us to post them to you, and if we did they would be destroyed by US customs.
Note it costs us money and time to refund your card and sort out your order on our system.

Disappointed we can't send seed to you?
Here are some other excellent suppliers to try instead:

It really is better to buy seeds locally within your country - they will be selected to do well
in your climate, rather than ours, and you will be supporting local businesses.

Some particular companies that we know of who offer a good range of locally grown open pollinated seeds include

Ireland - Brown Envelope Seeds
and also the Irish Seed Savers Association

France - Biau Germe seed cooperative
and of course Kokopelli

Spain - Plantaromed - ecologically grown seeds produced near Málaga

Austria - Reinsaat seeds
Germany - Bingenheimer seeds , Sativa seeds

Excellent seed in the United States - try our friends at Adaptive Seeds or Seedsavers Exchange

Ordering by Post

We cannot accept postal orders or phone orders.
The ONLY way to order seeds is online from this website.


catalogue pictureWe're sorry, but our last paper catalogue was in 2014, this is sad (the paper catalogue was really nice), but fewer and fewer people had been using the paper version, and it is a huge project producing and maintaining it each year.

This website also works very much better with our rare and limited stock seed, as we can have real time stock control, meaning that you shouldn't be disappointed by ordering something that then turns out to be sold out.