~ Seed for CAULIFLOWER ~

Bigger seed packets! We are being as generous as possible with packet sizes -
we feel that commercial vegetable seed packets have become absurdly stingy in recent years.

different types for when you EAT them:

To eat them in SPRING : Use a 'spring heading' type. Sow early summer, plant out mid to late summer, and harvest the following spring.
To eat them in EARLY SUMMER : Sow in autumn or midwinter under cover, plant out very early in spring. We find this too much trouble!
To eat them in LATE SUMMER or AUTUMN: Sow in spring, plant out late spring to mid-summer.

Spring-Heading / Summer Cauliflowers

plant picture"All the Year Round" - General Purpose
This is a very useful variety as it can be grown several different ways:

- As a Summer Cauliflower sow it repeatedly from February to May for successive harvest late Summer to Autumn. (Early sowings under cover of course)

- and using it as a Spring-Heading variety, you can sow under cover in October, so it overwinters to make heads the next Spring.

An unusually versatile variety!

about 250 seed £


Autumn Cauliflowers

plant picture"Autumn Giant" - Late Summer/Autumn Cauliflower
This is a great traditional cauliflower with really large dense white heads, ready in the autumn.

It is generally sown in spring - for harvest from the end of summer onwards.

A very reliable autumn cauliflower - can get really big!

about 200 seed £


plant picture

'Ottobrino' Autumn Romanesco

Most Romanesco cauliflowers are spring maturing but we have found this special variety that comes ready in the autumn - hooray!

Autumn romanesco. Sow in Spring, harvest October-November.

about 200 seed £


plant pictureplant picture

Sicilia Violetta (Purple)

A cauliflower from Sicily with amazing purple-blushed heads. Sown in late spring, it matures in the autumn, ready around November. Just as easy to grow as normal cauliflowers, and definitely something different to try this year!

Autumn cauliflower. Purple.

about 200 seed £


Magic Mix of Cauliflowers NEW

If you’re wanting to try something a little different, then this might be just the packet.

We’ve mixed together seed of several different cauliflowers covering a range of colours - purple, greens, cream, white and even romanesco. Sow in spring for autumn harvest.

Colourful lucky dip. Note that although they are all spring sowing for summer/autumn harvest they will mature at different times, however this extends the harvest season to avoid a glut.

about 200 seed £


plant pictureplant pictureplant pictureplant pictureplant pictureplant picture