Due to Brexit some things grown for us in other countries will be in short supply or unavailable for the forseeable future. Thank-you for your understanding.

How to Contact Us:

Order not arrived? If your order has not reached you in 14 days please email us (see below) confirming your address. If it has got lost we will replace.

If you have any problems with your seed order, please get in touch.
We're proud of our reputation as good people to deal with, and try really hard to get it right,
but from time to time, like anyone else, we mess up.
In which case please let us know & we will sort it out as quickly as possible.

The best & most efficient thing is to email (address below)
including a number where we can phone you if needed.

Alternatively leave a message for us on 01239 821107 and we will get back to you.
This will take longer for a reply as we are dealing with queries etc. from home.

Please note: it is not possible to place orders by phone or post,
and we do not have a paper catalogue available.

Frequent Questions:

1) Everything we have is on the website - if its not listed, we don't have it.
2) We cannot take orders by phone - only online.
3) We don't do wholesale or custom seed packets for you to sell in your shop.
4) We don't have out of date seeds for your charity project to buy cheaply - if the seed's no good, we throw it away.
(We may be able to donate some good seed though if you email us!)

We simply don't have resources to offer a general telephone gardening advice service - we need to concentrate on sending out your orders.

In particular if you're a beginner and don't know where to start,
it isn't possible to teach you how over the phone!
We do recommend an excellent book which you can get from your library,
called 'Grow Your Own Vegetables' by Joy Larkcom.


You can email about your order problem,
including at minimum the delivery Name and the delivery Address:

Sorry, we CANNOT take orders by email!

(you can't click on this email link, you have to type it in yourself.
Otherwise all the spam programs pick it up and inundate us with junk emails)

If possible please include your order number, membership number, or postcode, so we can find you in the computer, it makes it much quicker to give you a reply.

Thank-you! We will fix things as quickly as possible once you get in touch.