~ Subsidised Seed Packs for distressed gardeners~

We know many people are struggling with the economic downturn. We've certainly seen our costs go through the roof; due to Brexit it's now really bureacratic and costly to import the seed that is grown for us abroad, so we've had to put some prices up. And on top of the disruption from Covid, fuel prices are making everything difficult for everyone.

We've decided to offer a number of heavily-subsidised seed packs to support those who are low-waged/unwaged and financially struggling - and who might otherwise have to give up gardening. We are funding this project using a percentage of other normal seed sales.

The Low-Waged/Unwaged Gardeners Seed Pack
This is a selection of seeds that are both high-yielding and easy to grow, that we have chosen as they can all be sown without the use of a greenhouse or propogator, so you don't need any expensive kit to succeed. It's ideal for beginners and experienced gardeners alike - they should give you a noticeable amount of food from a small space - and also we hope a large amount of gardening pleasure growing them!

What you get:

These are all excellent varieties - some of our best - & exactly the same seeds we have on sale elsewhere on the site, not smaller packs or older seed.

Value is £21 but we are providing this pack for less than half-price: £9.30 ; with the low-waged/unwaged postage option it comes to a tenner delivered.

£ (Limit 1 per person/organisation, 800 subsidised packs being made this year in total)


It's up to you to decide if you qualify for this. These are for those who are low-waged/unwaged and struggling financially, or are growing food for others in that position such as a community garden.

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