Due to Brexit some things grown for us in other countries will be in short supply or unavailable for the forseeable future. Thank-you for your understanding.

Would you like to send your order as a gift?

PLEASE order early enough.
We strongly advise you to allow at least 10 working days
to be sure it will arrive on time & avoid disappointment.

Here are some free packing options for Gift Orders :

Packing Note without Prices:

Click on this to have your packing note - which includes recipes, extra information about the seeds, and seedsaving instructions - to be printed in 'gift mode' - so it doesn't show any prices, or the total paid for the order.

There's no charge for this.

Gift Message:

Click here to add a (brief) message in with the seeds. Limited to 100 characters by the shopping cart software, so no epic poems, please. There's no charge for this.

Type your message here:
- then click here to add the message to your order:

Gift Date:

Click here to add a date to the address label on the outside of the packet, saying "Do Not Open before . . .. ".

There's no charge for this.

Do not open before:

- then click here to add the date to the label:

Sorry but we don't offer a gift-wrapping option.
We also don't currently offer vouchers, as our online shopping cart system can't process them.