plant picture 'Colossal' Fennel
We have tried other varieties but are sticking with this one because it’s just great. This strain grows well, forming a really nice big white bulb (though 'colossal' is overstating it a tad in our opinion) with less tendency to bolt than other varieties that we have tried.

Consistently popular every year, it’s one we rely on in the veg patch.

Good for salads or cooking. Sow after mid-summer for autumn harvest

250 seed £


plant picture 'Mantovano' Spring-sowable Fennel
Fennel is normally sown in mid-summer, as it tends to bolt (go straight to seed) if planted in Spring. But this variety was bred for spring sowing, with strong bolt resistance. It produces a nice white bulb, with a slightly flattened shape. It can of course also be sown later in the year as normal.

- 200 seed £


When? Bolt resistant, particularly worth trying for spring sowing and a summer harvest.

plant picture Big Sicilian Fennel
Another large fennel from Sicily for you to try out. It makes fat heart-shaped bulbs.

They call it ‘grossissimo’ which strictly speaking translates as ‘enormous’, but to be honest, in the UK climate it is probably better described as 'big'.

We have found that it really can get quite large if happy, so give it plenty of sun and a rich site, but as with all fennel, avoid drought, watering it regularly in dry spells.

- 250 seed £