DIY Seed Packet Template

So, using the instructions on this site, you've saved your seed from carefully selected plants, having of course followed the appropriate instructions for isolation and/or population sizes, and then dried it and winnowed it , giving you a huge amount of lovely seed. . .now what?

You need equally beautiful seed packets to put it in, of course, so you can give it away to your friends! Here's a printable 'net' that you can cut out and fold up to make your own packets.

Just follow the instructions on the sheet, it's pretty easy. And a fun project for younger members of the family to join in with too.

Click on this link to download the image, it will turn up in your Downloads folder. Then print it, making sure you choose 'actual size' or '100%' rather than 'scale to fit to page'.

Click here to download Real Seeds' DIY Seed Packet to Print at Home