~ OKRA Seed ~

Okra, also called Gumbo or Ladies Fingers, are the immature seed pods (formed after the flowers have set) of the domesticated mallow.

plant pictureplant picture'Clemson Spineless' EARLY

A member of the mallow family, with pretty flowers follwed by seedpods which are the part you eat. This variety is chosen for its earliness and lack of thorns!

Okra, like melons and peppers, is a warm-climate plant that absolutely needs heat and full sun to grow. In the UK you really do need to grow it under cover in a polytunnel or greenhouse. (You might possibly get a crop in a large pot on a very sunny patio in a hot summer.)

In late March/April soak seeds overnight in tepid water, sow in small pots in a propagator, then plant in their final position a month or so later once 4-6 inches high.

Pick the pods within a week of the flower being pollinated, while still small & tender.

A generous packet of at least 200 seed £