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Okra, also called Gumbo or Ladies Fingers, are the immature seed pods (formed after the flowers have set) of a plant in the mallow family.


plant picture'Red Burgundy' EXTRA EARLY
A beautiful variety that is one of the few types of Okra worth growing in the UK climate. Plants are a decent size - up to 4ft tall, with 8 inch burgundy pods, green leaves and deep red stems.

Okra, like melons and peppers, is a warm-climate plant that needs heat and full sun to grow. In the UK you really do need to grow it under cover in a polytunnel or greenhouse. (You might possibly get a crop in a large pot on a very sunny patio in a hot summer.)

In late March/April soak seeds overnight in tepid water, sow in small pots in a propagator, then plant in their final position a month or so later once 4-6 inches high.

Pick the pods within a week of the flower being pollinated, while they are still tender.

70 seeds £