Instruction Manuals and original parts list for the ballard brown bag seed filling machine

There are probably only about 50 people on the planet who need this information but we are putting it up here in an effort to keep these machines running for another 120 years.  

Click here for the 1960s "Directions for Operating Bag Filling Machines"

Click here for the 1970s "Condensed Operating Instructions"

Click here for the "Original Parts List" which is really useful when referring to the manual or trying to reassemble your machine. Using the official part numbers and names will also help when ordering spares.

If you want to buy a machine or spare parts to restore yours, you should contact Joe or Dan at Ed Hume Seeds in USA as they hold all the remaining spare parts and rebuild secondhand machines if they come available.

Likewise if you have an old machine, or even just some parts, all are precious now whether working or not, please get in touch so they can be used to either create a new machine or repair an old one, depending on how complete it is.

You can email Joe at: humeorder [ a t ] aol [ d o t ] com