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Real non-hybrid sweetcorn is now incredibly rare. But the hybrids - where every seed sold worldwide is identical - are only good if you can put in all the fertilisers, chemicals and sprays to provide a standardised and identical environment in every field.

We want real corn where all the seeds are slightly different and so can do well in different soils, climates and variable weather, without having to trash the environment into some nasty standardised euro-field of sterile soil and chemical fertilisers.

So, we offer two varieties of real open-pollinated corn that are particularly widely adapted and have received good reviews from all over the country.

plant picture'Double Standard' Bicolour Sweetcorn - EARLY
This is an excellent real variety of sweetcorn - proper open-pollinated seed, not hybrid - so it is widely adapted, and adaptable to future change in climate or soil, and it hasn't been bred to need lots of fertiliser and sprays.

It is a modern variety, with both white and yellow kernels on each sweet cob.

We're very pleased with it as it seems quite diverse, with a good genetic base, so it should do well on different soils and conditions. Not only are the dual coloured cobs pretty, they also taste really good.

Pretty early - we generally have some to eat by mid August.

Early and tasty, it does well everywhere but particularly recommended for those in colder, more marginal areas of the UK.

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plant pictureSpecial Swiss Sweetcorn GREAT NEW SWEETCORN
We’re delighted to be able to offer this variety, which is not only the first new open-pollinated corn to be bred in Europe in modern times, but even a supersweet variety at that!

We had an advance trial of this in 2012 and were really impressed, as it was more vigorous than even Double Standard. This seed has been grown to careful biodynamic standards in Switzerland.

The cob illustrated was grown in our fields in Wales in the terrible 'summer' of 2012, the wettest year on record.

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