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~ Seed for some special FLOWERS ~

plant picture'Velvet Queen' RED & ORANGE Sunflower
To help make your vegetable patch beautiful we have these unusual sunflowers.

They have deep red petals with an orange background. The 5' plants produce multiple heads suitable for cutting, or just admiring at the back of a border. The colour is stunning and the seed would be edible if the sparrows didn't always get there first.

Order FLVQ - approximately 16-18 seed (possibly more, they're hard to measure out exactly!) £


China Cat Sunflower Mix plant picture
A fantastic multi-headed sunflower with rings of orange on its yellow petals.

About 5' to 6' tall, the nice thing about this is that lots of heads are produced over a long season, so it is ideal for cutting, or just a fancy display in the garden. The seeds are a reasonable size and you could save them to eat or feed the birds.

This variety was created by Alan Kapuler of Peace Seeds. To get the multi-heading habit, he crossed 'Gloriosa' with silverleaf sunflowers, and when he finished, he named the variety after the 1972 song by the psychedelic rock band The Grateful Dead.

The song is pretty cool, but the sunflowers are even better, and less likely to annoy your neighbours.

Order FLCC - 16 seed £


Dwarf Fantasy Sunflower Mix plant picture
Mini sunflowers? This might seem a bit of an odd idea - but they are really, really pretty, short little sunflowers of different colours, they look great in the flower border....

Very cute little sunflowers - sure to make you smile.

Order FLDF - 25 seed £


Sunzilla VERY BIG HEADS plant picture
This new variety of sunflower grows to about 10ft tall and has been chosen for the absurdly large heads that it makes  - 18 to 24 inches in diameter!

Selected by Tim Peters of  “The Bigger and Better Nursery”, who has bred for a thicker stem so there is less risk of it collapsing under the weight of the massive flowers.

In fact the whole plant is ‘supersized’ and the leaves are enormous as well, as you can see in the photo whith Jemma.

A very, very BIG sunflower. Stake well in windy sites so it doesn’t blow over .

Order FLSz - 10 seed £


Amazon VERY TALL PLANTS plant picture
This variety is also from the remarkable (and somewhat sunflower-obsessed) Tim Peters.

It has been chosen for being really, really tall - growing to about 15-18ft. See the picture with Kate to the right!

The flowers are still quite big - about 16-18 inches across, with vast numbers of seeds neatly packed together in the head..

A very TALL sunflower. Stake well in windy sites so it doesn’t blow over .

Order FLAm - 8 seed £


plant picture

Calendula 'FlashBack Mix' plant picture
Flashback Mix is an amazingly diverse mix of Calendula ("pot marigolds"). They have been bred for all sorts of different coloured backs to their petals, to contrast with the fronts.

In the evening, they fold up their petals for the night, showing off the flashy backs of their flowers.

Although they make a beautiful garden and cut flower, Calendula flowers are of course - like everything else in our catalogue - edible.

In times past they were used to colour butter, but nowadays their main use is to add to salads. A sprinkling of petals, or even whole flowerheads, is a really nice way to add a bit of colour to a fresh salad.

Bred on Gathering Together Farm by Frank & Karen Morton.plant picture

Order FLFM - pkt of 100 to 200 seed £


plant picture

Released by the original breeder as Open Source Seed for the benefit of all. You have the freedom to use these public domain seeds in any way you choose. In return, you pledge not to restrict others' use of these seeds or their derivatives by registration, licencing, patents or other means, and to include this pledge with any transfer of these seeds or their derivatives. If you pass the seed on, please tell people about its open-source status and the generosity of the original breeder.

plant pictureSokol breadseed poppy
Breadseed poppies are unique in that the heads do not 'open' when the seed is ripe, so the seed doesn't shake out in the wind – instead you can collect it for cooking, topping breads or pasta.

These beautiful poppies are 3ft tall, pale pink with pretty darker patches on their petals.  Easily-grown, giving a lot of seed from a small space, this is the rare white-seeded type with a superior flavour.

So popular when we introduced it in 2012 that we ran out of seed straight away, but now every year we grow a huge bed of it. It still is all sold by Spring though!

Rare, white-seeded. 

Order FLSo - pkt of seed (hundreds and hundreds) £


plant picture

plant picture

this was Ben's favourite photo of 2012

plant pictureMixed Salad Nasturtiums
Nasturtiums are a really easy plant to grow – ideal for kids - and as well as attracting beneficial insects, the leaves are added to salads, and the flowers are edible too.  Even the seed-pods can be pickled and used like capers! 

Here we have mixed three colours (red, orange and yellow) and added a variety with variegated leaves, so you can have colourful salads all summer long.

Red, Orange, Yellow, & variegated. Ones in the photo were grown by Josie in her edible flower-garden.

Order FLMN - a generous pkt of 75-80 seed for £


plant pictureplant pictureBorage for Salads

A very well-known bee plant, attracting them and other useful pollinators to your garden,  borage has very pretty blue star-shaped flowers that are edible.

We often sprinkle them on top of our tomato salad for an amazing contrast.

Pictured in our back garden, and on a salad earlier this summer.

Order FLBo - at least 200 seed £