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Many people write and email us to say how their plants do. Other have sent stories, recipes and suggestions for new varieties to try. We really appreciate this. From your experience, we build up a much better picture of how things do in different conditions than we could ever learn on our own.

Tell us as much or as little as you want. Do feel free to say if you don't like something. We need to know about disasters just as much as great successes!

We used to have a snazzy form, but actually its simpler for you to just email us instead.

We like to know things like:

Thanks! We can't reply to every single email - there are too many - but every one is appreciated.

They are ALL read, and a note made in the database against that particular variety or even batch of seed.

We have made many, many changes as a result of what people have written in about. It is what makes our selection special!