We would encourage you if possible to order online

You'll get your seeds much faster, and you won't end up ordering things that are sold out by the
time your order reaches us (we have real time stock control on the shopping basket)

However, if you can't make the web site ordering work, then as an alternative you can order
by post with a cheque.

In this case you can ignore all the 'Add to cart' buttons on this site.

Instead, just click here for a printable order form

Print it out, write on it the codes of what you want, and post it to us with a cheque.

If you can't print the form, just write to us on plain paper. As long as we can read it,
and you include your address, we'll send your seeds!

People keep ordering things on this form that are clearly listed as unavailable.
So lets make this really clear: If it says 'sold out' or 'unavailable' on the website, that's what it means:
We really can't send you the seeds, even if you order them by post, because we don't have any of that item left!


P&P Charges for Postal Orders:

  • UK P&P is £1.96 for all postal orders.
  • Overseas orders can only be made via the website, sorry. See this page for the list of countries we can ship to.


  • Pay by Cheque (Pounds Sterling) to 'REAL SEEDS' - or cash notes of Pounds Sterling or Euros. (Bank of England notes only, please, we are in a very rural area, our local shops won't accept Scottish, Northern Irish etc notes and our bank is only open very limited hours, so it's hard to get in and swap them.)
  • No other currencies, eurocheques, international money orders etc
  • We CANNOT take credit/debit cards by post.
  • All seed requests are subject to our Terms and Conditions
  • If you want to send some seeds directly as a gift, no problem, just say so & we'll leave the invoice out, and write your message on the parcel - but order at least 20 days before you want them delivered!